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"The War In Heaven" was a real war that took place in our solar system.


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  • The Asteroid Belt is the remains of a planet that was destroyed as a result of war between this planet and Mars. We can call this planet Maldek, for lack of a better name.
  • Mars had humanoids who looked a lot like Earth humans, with some differences.
  • Maldek seems to have been occupied by Reptilians, very large beings, and very aggressive.
  • The war was nuclear. Mar was seemingly losing, and the destruction of Maldek may have been an option of last resort.
  • Both sides had space and nuclear capabilities.
  • The Reptilians were fighting to control Mars and to utilize some of its resources, including mineral resources.
  • Mars seems to have been in defensive mode during the war.

what if the real reptilian pill is that we don’t have to worry about reptilians that originate from outer space

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